• AED的步骤

    Automated external defibrillators can help save lives during sudden cardiac arrest. However, even after training, remembering the steps to use an AED the right way can be difficult. In order to help keep your skills sharp, we've created a quick step-by-step guide that you can print up and place on your refrigerator, 在你的车里, in your bag or at your desk. 这种方式, you can review the AED steps any time, 方便的时候, and keep them fresh in your memory.


    These AED steps should be used when caring for a non-breathing child aged 8 or older who weighs more than 55 pounds, 或者一个成年人.

    After checking the scene and ensuring that the person needs help, you should ask a bystander to call 911 for help, 然后:

    1Complete the CHECK and CALL steps

    2As soon as an AED is available, turn it on and follow the voice prompts

    3Remove clothing and attach pads correctly

    • Remove all clothing covering the chest. If necessary, wipe the chest dry
    • Place one pad on the upper right side of the chest
    • Place the other pad on the lower left side of the chest, a few inches below the left armpit

    注意: 如果护垫可以接触, place one pad in the middle of the chest and the other pad on the back, between the shoulder blades

    4Plug the pad connector cable into the AED, if necessary

    5Prepare to let the AED analyze the heart’s rhythm

    • Make sure no one is touching the person
    • 说,“明确!” in a loud, commanding voice

    6Deliver a shock, if the AED determines one is needed

    • Make sure no one is touching the person
    • 说,“明确!” in a loud, commanding voice
    • Push the “shock” button to deliver the shock

    7After the AED delivers the shock, 或者不建议电击, 立即开始心肺复苏, 从压缩开始

    Be prepared for moments that matter by 参加AED课程 and you could help save a life.

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